Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Kris Foster the 22 yr old from Kamloops BC Canada grew up racing BMX but eventually started racing dirt bikes at age 12 and riding mountain bikes around age 14.

“Motocross had a huge impact in my life and a lot of my riding style comes from moto”

Over the last couple of years mountain bikes have been a big factor in his recent switch from motocross to FMX for his moto career.

“Learning lots of tricks on MTB then taking it over to moto made me wanna learn more tricks on my dirt bike”.

So what are your plans for 2011…

“I just learned to flip my dirt bike and now wanna go to the X-Games!!...     I have big plans for both MTB and Moto this year so 2011 is gonna be super fun!”

What’s your favorite trick??

“favorite trick would have to be the KOD (kiss of death) also known as a Tsunami, as I am one of the first, if not the first to bring it to the world of MTBs”

We are super pumped to have you ride for us...Welcome to the team Kris!!


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